Never wait in a line again at all your favourite stores. Available both on iOS and Android.

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App Features


Register for a time to go into a store and get in instantly.


View your registration on any iOS or Android device.

Map view

Find all of your favourite local stores on the built-in map.

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Real-time information

See available spaces in nearby stores in real-time.

Contactless verification

Verify your registration with either a QR code or text code.


View all of your registrations in one place.

For Businesses

Skipt offers an all in one solution to manage customer scheduling, providing both registration and verification features. Simply email us with your store name and desired use case and we will provide you with an account and the support to get started.

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Team Members

We’re a group of passionate college students helping businesses and consumers thrive.

Image of founder Joshua Lorincz

Joshua Lorincz

Image of CTO Jonathan Chang

Jonathan Chang


Got Questions?

Don’t be shy. We are here to answer your questions 24/7.

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